rollin dice casino BTC Casino is Closed Bitcoin casino, one of the biggest cryptocurrency accepting online casinos in the world, is closing doors. The company reported big losses, due to recently spotted hacker attacks. Let’s have a look of what caused Rollin’s BTC website to shut down its services.

About & Security

Rollin used to be a hot spot for many Bitcoin gambling users worldwide, with its interesting Dice game innovative interface. The Rollin Dice game was easy to play and fair, promising a good BTC revenue, due to the low house edge ranging from 0.80% to 1%.

At first sight, the website’s game looks like a digital timer, but it represents, actually, the dice game itself, but with more attractive new design. The simplicity of the Rollin game by choosing and wagering on whether the dice will roll higher or lower number, made it to grow its players base faster than any other BTC dice website.

Aside from its modern look, Rollin was also different from many other dice bitcoin gambling sites because it skipped the common registration procedure. Instead, the system automatically created user accounts. However, you could easily edit your user data, such as username, password, email contact, enable two-factor authentication, and add an emergency address to set up your own personal account.

With a maximum payout of 2800mBTC per individual bet and appropriate level system, where levels are gained by reaching a certain threshold of experience with generous rewards, Rollin was attracting many Bitcoin players. The Rollin BTC betting bonuses used to depend on loyalty and levels. The bitcoin rewards could reach 1BTC for the top players weekly.

Since the opening of the website, it states that Rollin is not a recommended place for Bitcoin storage, and advises users to use external Bitcoin wallet services, like Coinbase, Blockchain, Bitstamp, BTC-e, or Localbitcoins. is running on a proprietary gaming platform. It is in HTML5 and fully browser-based. The website is 100% provably fair for a safe gaming experience. It even had the option to see the server’s seed hash and seed for fairness verification visible to everyone.

The Dice website had a security practice to store a limited amount of Bitcoins in the hot wallet. Further transaction investigations and transfers from cold wallet to hot wallet were made for some withdrawals up to 24 hours period.

For more safety, the Rollin dice site used to record the players game history for about two weeks. The website was always using secure browsing connection.

Secure but, obviously, not enough for hackers!

Let’s continue with the possible closing reasons. Shut Down Reasons

Trying to reach the Rollin dice game, recently, we found a confusing message on their main page, claiming: “Dear Rollin players, Rollin is closing the site. We would like to thank all of the Rollin community for making Rollin the best place to gamble, please withdraw your funds.

We were more than surprised, how such a profitable BTC website like Rollin, can reach the bottom so suddenly. We did a small research to discover what caused the crashing of Rollin.

As a beginning we must point your attention that Rollin never imposed country or region-based restrictions in accepting players. This was an issue in some of the already regulated countries.

Going on the Rollin facebook page, we revealed part of the mystery causing its closing. The page admins announced in the beginning of August 2017: Hi Rollers, we have been attacked and only our hot wallet has been emptied, will be online as soon as all issues have been solved.”

The company, obviously, couldn’t restore its huge money loss and was forced to shut down all its operation.

Additionally, this is not the first hacker attack for Rollin. A similar issue happened in January 2016, when the website stopped its service for certain period, but easily got back in the game. The Rollin owners should think about investing mainly in their website’s security after the first hackers attack.

Bitcoin and its pricy value is a main target for hacking, provoking online crime. If online payments are not highly secured, they may become an easy victim of internet violations.

Rollin closing down

We hope that Rollin will be able to recover soon wiser and stronger than ever!

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