Bitcoin Keno

Keno is one of the oldest casino games, and has been played since the beginning of online gambling. Bitcoin Keno betting promises to bring a new players’ experience through easier, faster and anonymous payment method- the crytocurrency, to ease and bring the maximum game fun.

Keno in Bitcoin Casinos

The Keno casino game is attracting players through the simplicity of its rules and the huge jackpots, possible to be won. Some Keno bettors employ serious strategies, calculations and even Keno statistics in order to come closer to the desired big jackpot amounts.

Keno is a lottery type of game, mostly, played with numbered balls and players’ cards with eighty numbers on each one of them. The point of the Keno game is to select the right numbers, usually, between ten and twenty, which will be drawn randomly on a later stage.
Online Bitcoin Keno betting has nearly the same rules but numbers to choose from are exposed on a digital list. Once you click the numbers you wish to play, you can then place a wager on them using your bitcoin wallet. Random numbers are chosen for every single draw using a number generator. In case of a winning, the bitcoins you won will be added to your account’s wallet, and you can use them to place additional bets or to process a withdrawal request.

Online betting websites accepting bitcoins for playing online Keno have different payout amounts depending on the matching numbers on your betting slip. Some bitcoin casino websites may offer a winning for a minimum of four matching numbers, while others may be more generous and reward you for only two right selections. As the payouts  differ, the bitcoins exchange rates also differ in every bookmaker or online casino, so make sure to read their terms and conditions, together with gambling websites and casino reviews to choose the best bitcoin betting website.

Why Bitcoin Keno?

Nowadays, the biggest revolution of online payments is represented by the Bitcoin currency. This online payment method has made it possible to transact using digital money without paying extra processing fees. In addition, the bitcoin allows the safest cash deposits and withdrawals, made in a completely anonymous and fast manner. Furthermore, if you are in need of real physical money, the Bitcoins can be exchanged with the lowest fees.

Many online businesses have adopted the Bitcoin payment method, including online gambling websites. In a bitcoin casino, you can play online a huge variety of games like: roulette, poker, dice, bitcoin blackjack and the described above bitcoin keno.

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