How to Earn Bitcoins?

The new financial hit is the cryptocurrency, gaining more and fame every passing day. In the recent past it was extremely difficult to find products and services accepting Bitcoins as payment method. Nowadays, the number of cryptocurrency-accepting business increased significantly to draw a new digital cash future. Together with the ways to spend Bitcoins, are growing also the means to gain them. In this article, we will reveal some of the secrets of how to obtain your own online Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoins

The fastest way to get touch to your first Bitcoins is, no doubt, to buy them. You can instantly buy Bitcoins online using your credit or debit card. Most of those transactions are fast and easy, as they usually take no more than ten minutes.

Among the most popular Bitcoin money providers is Coinbase for clients from Europe, USA & UK, SpectroCoin covering Europe, and Coinmama working on worldwide cryptocurrency exchange. All of the above are offering Bitcoin wallet service, as well.

No matter which Bitcoin exchange provider you will choose, you should consider that buying bitcoins directly with your debit or credit card can lead to higher fees and a higher risk of fraud.

In addition, you should be aware of the Bitcoin price, as it may vary in the different exchange websites around the world, in order to assure making the best possible cash deal.

Mine Bitcoins

Bitcoins mining is known as the first way of gaining the cryptocurrency. In the very beginning, the coins digging websites used to reward miners with 50 BTC per 10 minutes for solving computer tasks. Nowadays, you can earn 12 BTC per block, but with huge effort. The reason for that is the increased difficulty of the mathematical problems for solving. In other words, mining for coins is not as profitable as in the past. People then started to unite in pools and to use cloud mining services, which unfortunately resulted as an unprofitable strategy, as well, due to the higher expenses than profit.

Do Services for Bitcoins

One of the most preferred ways to earn Bitcoins is to work for them. You can choose between the increasing number of websites, offering Bitcoin jobs. There are even businesses which decided to pay their online employees, solely, in cryptocurrency cash.

Sell for Bitcoins

If you crave for Bitcoins, it is also a good option to trade for them. Sell your products and services for cryptocurrency, and don’t forget to announce it with signs or banners.

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling is a great way to increase your digital cash, as many online casinos around the world are adopting warmly the new crypto-payments. If you enjoy sports betting and casino games, you will be highly attracted of this Bitcoin earning strategy. Bitcoin casinos offer the same kind of games as traditional ones, with the difference that you can deposit and withdraw funds from your account through your Bitcoin wallet.

Another popular way to get Bitcoins is by using Bitcoin Faucets.