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Bustabit  Bitcoin Casino Game Review

Bustabit is a one of kind bitcoin betting website available among online casinos. It is unique because it targets one single social game with the thinnest house edges across the Bitcoin casino world. The Bustabit game is also known as Moneypot and is a preferred betting spot for more than 170,000 players.

Bustabit Game Benefits

Some of the statistics of Bustabit show more than 57 billion bits of deposits, more that 55 billion bits withdrawal and more than 1 trillion bits total wagers. Bits are actually the micro-bitcoins mBTC equal to 0.000001 BTC. If we make the calculations, we will see more than 1 million BTC wagered, or nearly 4 billion USD. But what makes one single game so popular among BTC gambling players? One possible answer is the low house edge, ranging from 0% to 1%, so attractive to Bitcoin bettors to generate profit from a provably fair website. Also the Bustabit betting limits are set from 0.000001BTC (1mBTC) to 1BTC.

Bustabit’s Social Gambling Game Overview

The only one game by Bustabit is available for BTC bettors based worldwide, but only in English language. The game’s actual goal is players to bet against the money pot, with wagering and observing the raising multipliers. Users have the possibility to cash out on multipliers at any stage of the game on their choice. The only condition is to cash out before the game crashes, because, otherwise, you will lose to stake amount.

Bustabit Multiplier

The website’s betting game includes a gambling multiplier, and as we described above, the point of winning bigger from Bustabit is to choose the right time when it goes high. The social gambling game has a set multiplier, moving very fast. Is is all time dropping or rising. Just select the proper time to exit. In case, that a round crashes at 0x multiplier, all the wagers will be refunded, but the odds of happening such situation are as low as 1%.

At first sight the Bustabit game seems very easy to follow, but a further observing discovers, that actually, a very complex mathematical formula lies behind it.  The website provides even a page with betting strategies, made for BTC gamblers to follow them, prior losing their cash fast because of underestimating the game. The best tip we can offer you about Bustabit game is to go across the gambling strategies, prior any wagering.

Bustabit Extra Bonuses

The website prepared special bonuses for players who do not cash out immediately and stay in for certain time before the game’s crash. The longer you survive in the round, the more chances you will have for an extra bonus but the risk of losing everything is very high. Many users are seduced by the special offer and decide to extend their stay in the game. This move, however, may turn in losing your Bitcoins fast and easy, so you should be very careful doing so.

Bustabit is Provably Fair

The Bustabit social game is as fun as fair and secure. You can enjoy making quick and safe BTC deposits without any worries. It features a fair-play certificate to confirm the game’s correct implementation and process.

Payment Methods

Bustabit’s only payment option is the bitcoin currency. Using cryptocurrency facilitates the payment process to up to 10 minutes for both deposits and withdrawals. The withdrawals fee is equal to 100 bits (2000 satoshi) with a minimum amount of 200 bits.

Bustabit Customer Service

The social gambling game does not offer any customer support or any e-mail contact. It is a big disadvantage for Bustabit not having a way to resolve customer’s requests. The only option to receive help, if facing a problem with the website, is to go through the FAQ section.

Note! The Bustabit website is operated privately by a single owner without customer support option.

The Bustabit game can be a very entertaining way to win some extra Bitcoins for every gambler wishing to try a whole new experience. Having in mind that one-man is standing behind the website, is interesting to explore how many followers the game already has. The number of satisfied players is constantly increasing, and we find it also as a new, exciting possibility to make more Bitcoins online.

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