Bitsler review

Bitsler Bitcoin Dice Review

Started its operation in 2015, is the winner among the bitcoin gambling websites around the world, because of its whole digital game experience and generous player’s bonuses. Bitsler is one of the best BTC gambling sites, and below we will describe why.

Why Bitsler?

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Crypto Multicurrency
  • Various games, including Dice
  • Provably Fair
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automated Bets
  • Chat Community
  • Security
  • Investment Option
  • Best BTC Dice Game

The easy and modern interface of Bitsler is visible from the first look of the website.

There are present multiple cryptocurrency options to add a maximum comfort to its players. The cryptocurrencies accepted by Bitsler are five: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodgecoin, Litecoin and Burst. With all these cryptocurrency payment options, we are not surprised of the fast cash transactions, taking less than 10 minutes for deposit and withdraw. With Bitsler the deposit is even immediately credited to the player’s account balance, without any further necessary confirmations. The same is the case with withdrawals- instantly!

The Bitsler Bitcoin games are unique and fair, adding, even more, the popularity of their website among Bitcoin casinos and their users. The site provides not only Dice games, but also games like BTC Roulette, Cara y cruz, and Multicolor. The various bitcoin games on Bitsler guarantee unforgettable gaming experience.

Bitsler highlights tools, such as milestones for its customers to track their achievements from the game. Another attractive feature that the website provides is a comprehensive referral option ready for all users to take advantage from through inviting other players for extra coins. Furthermore, Bitsler is one of the few bitcoin websites that gives an interesting option for investment in the house bankroll.

The whole game practice of Bitsler is provably fair. With other words, all Bitsler gambling games can be verified mathematically, making it impossible for the company to manipulate their results. The honest gameplay is one of the priorities in Bitsler.

Another great feature of the website is its responsiveness. Bitsler’s is designed to fit all platform types- mobile and desktop to ease even more its customers.

Among the best advantages provided by the website comes the automatic betting option. With its help, all cryptocurrency gambling users can enjoy placing automatic wagers with a tool to configure the conditions and play multiple games at once without any further player’s intervention.

Additionally, a fun communication chat option is offered in the BTC gambling website. The ability to become part of the Bitsler’s community, gives an amazing opportunity for all user to discuss games, strategies, to share betting tips, experience, comments, to make new friends and bitcoins.

Bitsler Bitcoin gambling website is secure and reliable as it is created using the best security technology to keep all players data and documents protected. Some of the website’s safety measures include two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and intrusion detection.

BITSLER ATTENTION: Having more than 2 accounts is strictly forbidden (by person/IP/house/family).

Bitsler provides one of the best BTC dice games with a house edge of 1%. A public ledger is offered in addition making it possible for all players to preview every placed bet on the website.

Level System & Milestones

An interesting level system is added to Bitsler to provoke users to play more games. The user’s level depends on the total wagered amounts, e.g. the more you stake, the higher level you get. A higher level promises bigger referral and faucet bonuses.

Milestones are also available for rolling progress tracking and extra coins for completing them. This feature is created to build website’s loyalty for Bitsler to stand in front of the competition among other Bitcoin dice sites.

Invest with Bitsler

Last but not least we would like to highlight the investment possibility with Bitsler. Everyone can buy company shares and enjoy profits from the lost wagers in the house. For example, if you invest in the house bankroll 10%, you will win 1% of the loss of other bitcoin players and since the house edge is 1%, you long-term profit is guaranteed.

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