Bitkong Bitcoin Casino Game Review

BitKong Bitcoin website owners titled their gambling game as “the most addictive game ever”. We can, honestly, confirm this statement, as the site provides one of the best BTC gambling experiences available in the cryptocurrency accepting casino world. The multiple bonuses, comfortable interface, fast and reliable services outline a great place to bet for Bitcoins.

The Bitkong game

As stated in its description, the game is run and entertaining, providing a unique product than other Bitcoin casinos online. The Bitkong game is not a dice game, neither another slot machine, but one is sure- every Bitcoin gambler must give it a try.

The game has all the needed certificates of proving that is provably fair, secure for money transactions and keeping user’s personal data privacy. Of course, like every other gambling spot, all players should be over 18 years-old and to agree with the site’s terms and conditions prior starting using it or wagering cash amounts.

If you are a new customer of Bitkong casino, you will not stay confused for long by searching how to play or what to do next, because there are presents multiple tutorials, guides and even a game demo, to test the gameplay prior depositing Bitcoins in your new betting account.


Let’s imagine that you already made your BTC deposit in your Bitkong wallet. Then you see a game board in the middle of the main page with rows and cells, held by hands of Bitkong. Every row there is a part of the game, as a default game has a total of 10 steps. Behind each single cell on the game board is hiding a winning or losing result. The point of the game is to find the winning cells.

The first step of the game is to select a difficulty level. There are three options for it: Easy (3 cells in a row, 2 winning, 1 losing), Medium (2 cells in a row, 1 winning, 1 losing) and Hard (3 cells in a row, 2 losing, 1 winning). The hard one is, as expected, the most profitable.

The next step is to choose your betting amount, having min and max buttons to help the game’s speed. Then you can press play and select a lucky winning cell. Seeing a “cool” sign indicates that your guess was right, and “poop” sign meaning that you lost your guess. You can retire from the game at any point by pressing “take”.

The only disadvantage of the Bitkong game is the few seconds waiting time after selecting your lucky cell. Also if you have internet connection problems, the game may freeze for quite a lond period. It may be a bit annoying, if you prefer the fast game play.

BitKong gambling game play is simple and fun. Furthermore, it offers free bonus bitcoins you can use for playing.

Bitkong has a demo version so you can test it, even, if you still don’t have deposited bitcoins to your wallet.

BitKong Bitcoin Game Fairness

BitKong is a provably fair game. The site guarantees that the random numbers generator uses hashes directly from the Bitcoin block chain. The prizes are predefined and your luck should be the only tool that matters. You can check the game’s results anytime on the bottom of the main game screen, through the “Verify Ticket Fairness” button.

Supported Platforms

Desktop and mobile-friendly are both supported with BitKong. The site is still missing mobile app, but we are expecting it soon.

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