Playing Roulette in Bitcoin Casinos

The latest innovation in the financial world is the Bitcoin payment method, which is highly popular in the online casino websites. Gambling with Bitcoins is the top trend among bettors today. One of the most appreciated casino games since decades is the roulette, transformed in Bitcoin roulette by the crypto-currency accepting websites. Online roulette has plenty of gambling benefits, especially, when using your Bitcoin wallet to enjoy it in its faster and more profitable version.

How to Choose a Bitcoin roulette

Bitcoin roulette offered by Bitcoin casinos is very familiar to the traditional online roulette games.The only difference is that you can process your deposit and withdrawal transactions much faster and securer through Bitcoin payments.

As a beginning, it is always a good idea to research for the best Bitcoin casino website, to select the top provider of Bitcoin roulette game. How to do this research? The answer is simple- read the terms and conditions, and pay attention to the transactions fees and casino bonuses.

After selecting your preferred Bitcoin casino, your next step is to register a betting account and deposit Bitcoins into it. In less than 10 minutes your casino wallet will be funded and ready to start betting. In the past money processing through bank transfers was related with quite long waiting periods, but you can skip all that by using Bitcoins.

Along with your first deposit in online casinos, we may be entitled to receive a Bitcoin casino sign-up or deposit bonus. Most of the gambling websites show generosity by implementing this type of rewards for their new customers. Bitcoin bonuses are a quick way to double, or even triple your betting coins.

How to play bitcoin ROULETTE

When everything is set in your newly created casino account, you can begin playing online roulette. Online roulette is much more attractive for gamblers as it provides you with bigger number of options than casino roulette in a land-based casino.

The roulette table and the wheel are displayed to give you the best betting experience. Some of the features include board expanding to full-screen for more detailed and realistic game view. Furthermore, many online casinos offer a live dealer casino in a real VIP atmosphere with human dealers for even more authenticity.

Most of the Bitcoin casinos provide the well-known American Roulette game. It features the numbers from 1 to 36 with two extra fields for “0” and “00”. Wagers can be made on red or black, odd or even, specific numbers or huge diversity of groups such as rows, columns or squares. All those betting combinations provide you with the possibility of choosing your own roulette betting probabilities and to increase the odds of winning a high amount of Bitcoins.

Other roulettes:

Apart of the American style roulette, there are other variations of this casino game.

The European roulette, for example, excludes the “00” option, making it slightly better than American roulette, as you can lower the winning probabilities in your favor.

The Zoom roulette, from the other hand, is very similar to the American one and only available in online casinos. Its name comes from the enlarged roulette wheel during spinning and its HD game graphics.

HIGH ROLLER bitcoin Roulette

Staking high from your full of Bitcoins betting wallet can be risky but also much more tempting. If you enjoy high-roller gambling, then you should try sitting on a high-roller table in a Bitcoin casino. There is the place to place a larger amount of cash and to try multiplying your coins big. High-roller casino tables are available in most online gambling websites for nearly all types of roulette games.

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