bitcoin plinko

How to play Bitcoin Plinko?

One of the most well-know casino games is the Plinko. Playing Bitcoin Plinko is a modern way of reaching coins profit from online gambling. The Plinko players can benefit even more from their favorite game by betting crypto-currency cash in Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Plinko Overview

Plinko is a pricing game, debuted on the American “The Price is Right” TV show in 1983. Created by Frank Wayne, the game is usually played for a money prize of up to $50,000 and smaller cash rewards up to $100.

Nowadays, the game is transformed in an online casino version with high winning odds. Many Bitcoin casinos adopted the game to satisfy their customers.

Bitcoin Plinko Gameplay

Plinko is an extremely simple casino game. Just drop a ball from the top of the Plinko pyramid and watch it bouncing randomly to its bottom. Once the ball gets into any pocket, then you are awarded with its corresponding amount. The excitement and the simplicity of the Bitcoin Plinko turn it to qualify among the top Bitcoin casino games in the world.

Now let the Plinko start! Before dropping the ball in the pyramid, choose your desired betting amount and the color of the ball. Once you have chosen the lucky ball and the stake, then you can press the play button and start the dropping phase. Usually, at the bottom of the Plinko pyramid are situated different payouts, waiting for the ball to bounce inside one of them. You will, eventually, win the corresponding amount from the prize pockets. Those payouts, in most Bitcoin casinos, vary from 0.4x to 650x multiplication. In other words, you will be rewarded your initial stake multiplied by 650, in the best case. What an offer to fill your Bitcoin wallet!

Bitcoin Plinko Payout

In the Plinko game, the winning cash amount depends on the color of the dropped ball and the slot where it will finally finish its rolling way. There are many combinations in the pyramid, but the big cash prizes are placed, mainly, on its top slots. In the different Bitcoin casinos, the winning sum, the slot amounts, and the game rules may vary significantly.

Tip: Choose wisely your Bitcoin Plinko casino game provider, for the best winning possibilities.


With the growing fame of Bitcoin casinos, you can play more efficiently your favorite Plinko. The game is very simple and random, leaving no space for betting strategies but enjoyed by its many followers since years. Why not trying for lucky shot with Bitcoin Plinko? One is sure, the entertainment is guaranteed, especially, if you feel lucky today!

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