Bitcoin Dice Betting Tips

Bitcoin dice betting games are a famous among online gamblers, because of the bigger winning probabilities and its simple rules. The dice game looks incredibly easy as you need to guess only higher or lower roll of the dices, but many passionate gamblers use strategies to guarantee their profit. Below we will describe some of them.

Bitcoin Dice Bet Selection

Let’s start with a simple description of the Bitcoin dice rules. The first step in the game is choosing your lucky number and place stake on it whether you will roll higher or lower than it. The real decision is coming from the winning probability to bet on. For example, the chances of winning from rolling under 25 and over 75 are exactly the same, both equal to 25%. Most often you can meet the following probabilities and numbers to bet with: 25, 33.33, 50, 66.66, and 75.

Bitcoin Dice Staking Plan

Every Bitcoin Dice strategy relies on the bet selection, described above, and the game’s staking plan. The stake represents the amount you bet on each roll, which is crucial to determine how long you will stay in the game. Using Bitcoins for Dice is by default making players more careful for their cash, because of its expensive price. For this reason, they are several strategies listed below to help you generate bigger winnings from Bitcoin dice games.


The Martingale is a famous 50/50 gambling strategy, used not only for dice. The main purpose of Martingale is to wager the same amount each time. In case of winning you should continue betting with the same stake, but in case of loss you should consider to double sum. If you win the next bet, simply, continue with your initial stake. Betting double on a loss, guarantees that you will return the money in your account eventually even on a losing streak.


One of the easiest Bitcoin dice strategies is represented by the Paroli way- the total opposition of Martingale dice strategy. It claims that after winning from your bet, you must stake double on your next one, but in case of losing, you should go back to your initial wager. If you reach a three-winning streak, then you must also reset your betting amount. The Paroli strategy considered as low-risk, comparing to the Martingale


Additional simple Bitcoin dice strategy is the D’Alembert. This strategy is also low-risk, assuring the bettors’ benefit. D’Alembert strategy implementation is easy and is kind of a mix between the previous two strategies we already discussed. You choose a betting unit, and if you win, you have to increase your next roll by one more unit, while if you lose, you need to decrease the following wager by one unit.

Choosing the right Bitcoin dice betting strategy which suits your profile is important to secure your gambling funds. The betting strategies are a great tool to help you reduce your betting losses and multiply your Bitcoins.

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