bitcoin baccarat

Bitcoin Baccarat Guide

The famous casino game Baccarat, or also known as Punto Banco, is widely promoted and offered for betting in Bitcoin accepting casinos worldwide. More and more gamblers choose the fancy Baccarat as a way of winning extra Bitcoins.

The Baccarat is a card game widely chosen by casino players because of its relatively simple rules and multiple Baccarat strategies already developed. An important step prior playing Baccarat is to choose the right online casino accepting crypto-currency payments. In this article, we will create an overview of the Bitcoin Baccarat Casino game and the ways of winning Bitcoins through it.


Baccarat is the perfect choice for players enjoying the easy card games, without too many rules to follow. The game is suitable for both, card beginners and professional gamblers as there are easy side bets and low quantity of hand values. If you are a novice in online baccarat gambling, you will find the game comfortable for wagering, it is represented by only a few decisive moves. You will need just basic mathematical skills, as counting to nine and understanding the three wagers you can place. All this simplicity turns the Baccarat in one of the most desired Bitcoin casino games.


The online bitcoin baccarat is very familiar to the traditional baccarat game. Basically, the point of the game is to get as closer as possible to nine. On the Baccarat table are present outlined numbers around its edge, showing the number of bettors. In most cases, Baccarat table has 14 numbers marked 1-15, without the number13, considered to bring bad luck. Above the gamblers counter, there are three squares marked on the table representing the player’s bet box, the banker’s bet box, and the tie bet box. Your next step should be, of course, to select one of those squares to place your wagers and to enjoy playing.

After setting your bets, you should follow the game’s goal to reach as closer as possible to nine. The baccarat dealer is dealing only two hands face down for the player and for the bank, respectively.  You may deal at a later stage a third hand. The maximum amount of Baccarat players on a table is 14. The only options to make a decision in the game are how to bet- on a player or banker, and how much to wager. In case of getting a natural 9-points hand, it’s called “Le Grande”, an 8-points hand is “Le Petit” in French. Sometimes there may be a tie with cards of the same value, and in such conditions, the round comes to an end.

Baccarat Card Values

• Aces is equal to 1
• Numbered cards from 2 to 9 are counted as their real value
• Queen, King, Joker and 10 count as 0


Betting on Baccarat is as fun as playing the game itself. Gamblers may choose where to place their bets- on the player or on the banker to win or lose. Gamblers can bet on a tie round, as well, but this kind of wager is not very popular, because of the lower payout. The tie is a betting option to stay away from with its poor odds. A bettor should make his betting decision before the cards being dealt on the Baccarat table. With other words, there are only three betting options per round. The winning amounts of the Baccarat betting for player’s bets will be paid 1:1, and for banker’s bets, from the other hand, 1:1 with the addition of commission percentage rate for the table.


Using the right betting strategy is of huge importance for your bankroll, especially, if you are gambling with Bitcoins. The Bitcoin Baccarat is a game allowing such strategies, which are made to help you keep your existing digital cash and to even increase it.